Publication Update 10/2016

The latest publications from our group: Colorimetry as Quality Control Tool for Individual Inkjet-Printed Pediatric Formulations Henrika Wickström, Johan O. Nyman, Mathias Indola, Heidi Sundelin, Leif Kronberg, Maren Preis, Jukka Rantanen, Niklas Sandler published in: AAPS PharmSciTech (available here) Thin substrates manufactured by means of 3D-printing for tailor-made drug delivery systems (EuPFI Special Issue, Abstract ID:7) Heidi Öblom, Jannica Berg, Ida Alanko, Maren Preis, Niklas Sandler published in: International Journal of Pharmaceutics (available here) Application of a colorimetric technique in quality control for printed pediatric orodispersible drug delivery systems containing pr

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