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Research group: BioNanoMaterials

The field of nanomedicine, “the application of nanotechnology to health”, has grown explosively during the last years and is currently raising high expectations for better, more efficient and affordable healthcare. The first nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems are already on the market, some are in clinical trials, but the majority is still under development. Besides drug delivery systems, another highly attractive area of nanomedicine is diagnostics at the nanoscale, which is the second out of the three interrelated nanomedical research areas that have been identified by the European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine. Furthermore, new nanoparticulate formulations can combine these two (targeted drug delivery and imaging) to allow simultaneous diagnostics and therapy, often referred to as “theranostics”, which is an important step towards personalized medicine.

In this context, the main objectives of the BioNanoMaterials group are to 1) develop nanoformulations suitable for a broad range of cargo molecules, e.g. small-molecular drugs, biomolecules and imaging agents; 2) synthesize composite nanostructures for improved bio-visibility (detectability in biological systems) and theranostic activity; and 3) evaluate the potential and applicability of the developed nanomedical agents for in vitro and in vivo drug delivery and biomedical imaging, together with our collaborators.  Currently the group is further involved in formulating the already developed nanosystems into different dosage forms, including dermal patches, antibacterial coatings and varying 2D/3D printed formulations e.g. for tissue engineering.

READ MORE on this topic in this recent NanoMed Zone interview: "Jessica Rosenholm on the use of mesoporous silica nanoparticles to improve drug delivery" (full access requires registration, but it's free!)


Contact information: jessica.rosenholm [at]

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