Research group: Precision Nanomedicine and Diagnostic Group

Nanobiotechnology is a novel discipline that indicate the merger of biological and nanotechnology. It is a multidisciplinary subject, which interplay between physics, materials science, synthetic organic chemistry, engineering and biology.

To efficiently diagnostic and treat diseases, the understanding of detail mechanism of disease occur would be critical. The qualitative and quantitative analysis at the molecular scope in real time is highly demanded but very challenging to achieve. Nanobiotechnology is to solve the fascinating problems offered by biology through designing and synthesizing of specific nanomaterials and utilize specific techniques.

DNA nanotechnology is one important example of nanobiotechnology. As the central genetic molecule in biological systems, DNA possesses many exceptional properties, including its biological function, biocompatibility, molecular recognition ability, and nanoscale controllability. These unique attributes enabled the creation of functional DNA nanostructures, which act as natural bridge between nanotechnology and biotechnology, leading to far-ranging real-world applications.

Microfluidic technology is revolutionary for high throughput diagnostics and other biological applications. We are collaborating with Prof. David. A Weitz in Harvard University ( and we will develop and utilize microfluidic techniques for Single Cell RNA-Sequencing, Single-cell analysis and screening; on-chip screening, diagnostic; and microfluidic templated nano/micro-particles fabrication and encapsulation.



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