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Research group: Pharmaceutical Printing Laboratory

The goal of the Pharmaceutical Printing research group is to study novel drug delivery systems for small and large bioactive molecules. Another aim dating laws is to explore new technologies in drug manufacturing. In this context, the group is investigating the use of printing technologies in the fabrication of drug delivery systems and their possibilities in the personalized dosing of medicines.

An important aspect is the development and research of new carrier materials for printed substances and drug formulations. An essential part of all activities is the imaging and physico- chemical characterization of raw materials, intermediates and the final dosage forms including their solid-state and drug release properties. Modeling approaches linking material attributes to process and delivery system behavior are also an essential part of the activities.

The group is also active in powder technology and process analytical technology (PAT) for increased understanding of the processability of materials during batch- and continuous drug manufacturing processes. The group is part of the BioCity Biomaterials Research program.


Coordinator/Group leader: Prof. Niklas Sandler (2009-2020)

Niklas Sandler

Fields of research:


•Printing technologies in drug fabrication: 2D & 3D printing

•New drug carrier material research

•Cellulose-based particle engineering

•Solid state characterisation of drug substances, excipients, end-products

•Powder technology

•Quality control technologies for drug products


Additional side projects:

•Virtual reality in medication adherence

•Drug Register studies –epidemiology)


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