PhD Theses

MSc Theses

  • Salmela, Ida: 3D printing of solid dosage forms – effect of polymers on processability and drug release properties. ÅAU 2013

  • Alopaeus, Julia: Microstructure of dosage forms for personalised medicine resolved with Terahertz and X-ray microtomography. ÅAU 2014

  • Blomqvist, Brianna: Optimization and characterization of the Static Biofilm Method for antibiofilm studies. ÅAU 2014

  • Ek, Kia: Microfluidization – An alternative particle size reduction method for inhalables. ÅAU 2014

  • Lindeman, Ingeborg: Comparison of different roller compactors and mills – Granule properties and origin of fines. ÅAU 2014

  • Manner, Suvi: Flavonoids as anti-biofilm compounds; new bioactivity data resulting from chemical screening, inhibition and efficacy studies against Staphylococcus aureus. ÅAU 2014

  • Wickström, Henrika: Development of printed co-amorphous drug delivery systems. ÅAU 2014

  • Holländer, Jenny: 3D printing of medical device prototypes. ÅAU 2015

  • Långström, Disa: Children’s medication in the Nordic countries – Survey on national administrative register data. ÅAU 2015

  • Anthoni, Annette: Inkjet printing of antibacterial coatings on resin composite implant material. ÅAU 2016

  • Indola, Mathias: Colorimetry as quality control method for inkjet printed vitamin and indomethacin formulations. ÅAU 2016

  • Ollila, Johanna: Feasibility study of microencapsulation of spray dried powders using 2-fluid and 3-fluid nozzle. ÅAU 2016

  • Sjöholm, Erica: Exploring dissolved cellulose as carrier in oromucosal drug delivery. ÅAU 2016

  • Öblom, Heidi: Development and characterization of co-amorphous indomethacin-arginine in three-dimensionally printed polymer matrices. ÅAU 2016

  • Öhman, Jeannette: Development of anti-biofilm wound dressings by inkjet printing. ÅAU 2016

  • Özliseli, Ezgi: Development of novel imaging probes and related methods for cellular labeling and tracking. ÅAU 2016 (thesis for the degree of MSc in Biomedical Imaging)

  • Anna-Karin Pada: Polydopamine encapsulated PEI modified mesoporous silica nanoparticles for delivery of hydrophilic drugs. ÅAU 2017

  • Jennie Pohjavirta:  Development and characterization of bioadhesive buccal drug delivery systems for improved drug delivery to children. ÅAU 2017

  • Ida Alanko: The interaction of Staphylococcus aureus coagulase with prothrombin in various organisms. ÅAU 2017

  • Johan O. Nyman: Characterization of pharmaceutical surfaces with white light interferometry. ÅAU 2017

  • Jannica Berg: The impact of twin screw granulation on the compaction behaviour of excipient blends. ÅAU 2017

  • Sara Solin: Prediction of powder flow – Evaluating standard excipients and IBC discharge. ÅAU 2017

  • Amanda Halme: Towards a better understanding of the impact of physical properties on the micronisability. ÅAU 2017

  • Mahyae Rastgoo: “PAI probes for bioimaging”. ÅAU 2018 (thesis for the degree of MSc in Biomedical Imaging)

  • Sophie Rönkönharju: Preparation and characterization of polymer carrier matrices for printed wound dressings. ÅAU 2018

  • Johanna Wik: Nanoemulsion Based on Renewable Polymer for Improved Delivery of Therapeutics. ÅAU 2019

  • Rebecca Sandberg: Isolation and functional analysis of phage display-derived scFv-antibodies targeting the S. aureus SSLs. ÅAU 2020 (thesis for the degree of MSc in Biosciences, Cell biology)

  • Ville Järvinen: Molekyldynamisk undersökning om peptiders respons på elektriska fält. ÅAU 2020 (thesis for the degree of MSc in Natural Sciences, Physics)

Guest MSc theses

  • Karen Rijckaert: "Development of printed co-amorphous dosage forms", University of Ghent, Belgium (2014)

  • Elise Buggenhout: "Development of ink jet printed dosage forms with bioactive molecules", University of Ghent, Belgium (2014)

  • Ellen Hilgert: “Development of pharmaceutical ink formulations with silica nanoparticles for inkjet printing” University of Ghent, Belgium (2015)

  • Anouk Broos: "Optimization of pharmaceutical ink formulations to differentiate flexible doses using a handheld colorimeter", University of Ghent, Belgium (2016)

  • Paulina Przychodzen: “3D-printed substrates as scaffolds with collagen and mesoporous silica nanoparticles for muscle stem cells”, Gdański Uniwersytet Medyczny, Poland (2016)

  • Govardhanam Narayana Prakirth: Development and evaluation of nanoantibiotics via in vitro and in vivo imaging. UTU 2017 (thesis for the degree of MSc in Biomedical Imaging)

  • Aino Oisalo: “Lidocaine encapsulated chitosan nanoparticles incorporated local anaesthetic dermal patches” Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, BSc thesis (2017)

  • Tianran Yao: "Molecular modeling studies of Escherichia coli MurA towards novel Mur enzyme inhibitors against resistant bacterial strains" Department of Information Technology (Bioinformatics), University of Turku (2017)

  • Bram Bogaert: "Optimising microfluidic encapsulation of mesoporous silica nanoparticles with acetalated dextran for controlled drug delivery", University of Ghent, Belgium (2017)

  • Giorgia Patrignani: "Mesoporous silica nanoparticles as drug carrier in orodispersible films", DIPARTIMENTO DI SCIENZE DEL FARMACO, CORSO DI LAUREA MAGISTRALE IN FARMACIA, UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI PADOVA, ITALIA (2017)



  • Korbinian Weisensee: "Fabrication of Advanced Drug Delivery Nanoparticles with Microfluidics", Ulm University, Germany (2018)

  • Azam Rashidian: "Immunological interactions of virus peptides at the antigen presenting MHC I proteins” University of Turku, Department of Future Technologies, Master’s Degree Programme in Digital Health and Biosciences (2018)

  • Wali Inam: Optimization of microfluidic encapsulation with nanoprecipitation for controlled drug delivery. UTU 2018 (thesis for the degree of MSc in Drug Discovery and Development)

  • Laura Leenesonne: Personalized drug platform using rollable thin film with 3D printing and microfluidics: a conceptual study. Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ghent (2019)

  • Tamara Somborac: "Investigation of molecular interactions of prenylflavonoids at GABAA receptor subtypes". University of Turku, Institute of Biomedicine. Master's Degree Programme in Drug Discovery and Development (2019) 

  • Md. Rifahul Abrar Taiseer: " Identifying the issues concerning zeta potential measurements of polymer nanoparticles". University of Turku,  MSc Degree Programme in Drug Discovery and Development (2019)

  • Mariam Gouda, " Protein-encapsulated mesoporous silica nanoparticles for the treatment of bacterial biofilms",  University of Turku,  MSc Degree Programme in Drug Discovery and Development (2019)

  • Jiaqi Yan, "Preparation of drug delivery system based on different carriers for antitumor research by using prodrug technology". Faculty of Pharmacy, Guangdong Pharmaceutical University (2020)

  • Alexandra Manea, " In vitro evaluation of nanoantibiotics",  University of Turku,  MSc Degree Programme in Drug Discovery and Development (2020)    

  • Tzu-Chen Rautio, "Effects of Nanomaterial-Delivered Protein Kinase A on Human Breast Cancer Stem Cells." University of Turku, Master’s Degree Program in Biomedical Imaging (2020).

  • Oliver Koivisto, "Delivery of Cas9/sgRNA system using functionalized mesoporous silica nanoparticle system". University of Turku, Master´s Degree Programme in Physiology and Genetics (2020).

  • Tokic Dado, "Synthesis of Mesoporous silica nanoparticles using microfluidics". University of Turku, Master’s Degree Program in Biomedical Imaging (2020). 

  • Deependra Yadav, " Developing and optimizing microfluidics platform for fabricating lignin nanoparticles",  University of Turku, Master’s Degree Program in Molecular Systems Biology (2020). 

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