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Xiaoju Wang.jpg

Dr. Xiaoju Wang

Academy Research Fellow

Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Åbo Akademi University
BioCity (3rd floor, Room ..)
Tykistökatu 6A

20520 Turku, Finland

Research areas

  • Biomaterials for 3D bioprinting

  • In vitro models

  • Biopolymers

  • Nanocomposites

  • Bioceramics

  • Hydrogel


Xiaoju Wang is a Research Fellow funded by Academy of Finland in term of 2020-2025. She is currently affiliated with both Pharmaceutical Sciences Laboratory and Laboratory of Natural Materials Technology at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. Her current research interests mainly focus on developing chemistry and material approaches to engineer high-performance natural material-based bioinks for 3D bioprinting in service of fabrication of cell culture platforms and tissue mimics. The major catalogue of natural materials that she works with include biomass-derived biopolymers and lignocellulosic nanomaterials. The areas of expertise that are gathered by exploiting different disciplines within several stages of postdoc, are mainly referred to biopolymers for biomaterials, cellulosic nanomaterials in constructing biomedical hydrogels, 3D bioprinting, bioceramics and their composite materials. In her doctoral thesis, expertise was mainly established in areas of electropolymerization of conducting polymers and enzymatic bioelectrocatalysis in biofuel cells and biosensors.


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