Guest seminar: The cellular niche and its relevance for in-situ cardiovascular tissue engineering

Presentation: 27.1 at 11-12 in Auditorium Farmaci (Biocity 3rd Floor) Presenter: Carlijn Bouten, Eindhoven University of Technology Presentation abstract: The microenvironment (or “niche”) of a living cell is a critical determinant of cell fate, cell function and even tissue build-up. Since the groundbreaking work of Adam Engler in 2006 on the manipulation of stem cell differentiation by changing the stiffness of the cellular environment in 2D, stem cell biologists and engineers intensified their joined exploration of the relevance of mechanical cues in the cellular niche. Next to stiffness, cell behavior appeared to be critically influenced by local strains, substrate topology, and structur

6th FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress

Join us in Stockholm on 21-24 May 2017 to disucss cutting-edge research and promising developments on "Future Medicines For One World" with leading pharmaceutical scientists from around the world! Abstract submission deadline 15.1. (click here for more info) Plz also visit the PSWC Website!

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