Frontiers of Science: Staphylococcal Toxins and Bacterial Immune Evasion

Frontiers of Science (FoS seminar) April 25th at 12:00 Presidentti Auditorium, Mauno Conference Center, BioCity Turku Prof. Jos A.G. van Strijp, UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands "Staphylococcal Toxins and Bacterial Immune Evasion" Host: Outi Salo-Ahen ( Prof Jos A.G. van Strijp studied Biology in Utrecht, and performed his thesis on viruses complement and neutrophils. After that he moved to Rockefeller University NY (Steinman lab). Returned to Utrecht to start a group on innate immunity and bacteria and spent a year in Boston on Toll like receptors (Golenbock). The last 15 years the focus has been on Immune evasion by bacteria, especially Staphylococci. His lab discovered over 25 n

Open eBook: Molecular Modeling in Drug Design (edited by Outi)

Special Issue Reprint: Molecular Modeling in Drug Design Edited by: Rebecca Wade and Outi M. H. Salo-Ahen ISBN 978-3-03897-614-1 (Pbk) ISBN 978-3-03897-615-8 (PDF) Since the first attempts at structure-based drug design about four decades ago, molecular modelling techniques for drug design have developed enormously, along with the increasing computational power and structural and biological information of active compounds and potential target molecules. Nowadays, molecular modeling can be considered to be an integral component of the modern drug discovery and development toolbox. Nevertheless, there are still many methodological challenges to be overcome in t

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