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Hongbo nominated for the USERN prize!

Our tenure track Associate Prof. Hongbo Zhang is nominated for the USERN prize as a top 10 candidate in Medical Sciences.

USERN prize is an international award, established by USERN which is annually bestowed on scientists or researchers less than 40 years of age who have conducted a significant advancement or achievement in research, scientific education, or serving humanity in five scientific fields including medical sciences, life sciences, formal sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences. The candidates will be refereed and scored by an international jury composed of Nobel laureates and top 1% scientists in the respective field accordingly to pre-planned scoring criteria.

This year, USERN prize has launched a public voting section, which might be helpful in better understanding the popularity of each top application on the public point of view.

Voting link HERE!

Prof. Zhang is a tenure track Associate Professor in the strategic profile area Drug Development and Diagnostics, and group leader in Turku Biosciences Center, he has a multidisciplinary group focusing on nanotechnology for precision medication. In three years, he got 20 people in his team, and he has 80+ publications in top journals including Nature Communication, Advanced Materials, PNAS etc., (32 papers belong to Jufo 3, 35 papers have impact factor 10+, total impact factor over 800). He has also corresponded 16 research projects in Finland and in China.

If you want to vote for Prof. Zhang, you can find him on Page 4, Medical Science, candidate no. 10.

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