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Nordic University Hub in Pharmaceutical Sciences "POP – Patient Oriented Products" funded

Short rationale of the funded hub: "Pharmaceutical products are not designed to be personalized – despite of the fast development of life-saving new medicines (active compounds), biomedicine and improved diagnostic tools, the most common customer product for treatment is based on tablets with a fixed dose of the active compound. Still, after 200 years of the first patent on a tablet machine, tablets and other solid dosage forms are covering more than 60% of the pharmaceutical market. While contrasting this development with other industries and using, e.g., telecommunication as an example, there is no doubt that the customer needs have been more effectively driving the development of new telecommunication products (Figure 1). Translation of innovative treatment strategies has not been successful and there are no new patient oriented products reaching the market. In the Nordic POP we are aiming at innovative formulation strategies for flexible and patient oriented products; our approach is including new product design principles, novel methods to evaluate the product performance, and a paradigm shift in the manufacturing of these products."

Nordic POP was one out of the six hubs funded by NordForsk for the years 2018-2023, including the following participating organizations: University of Copenhagen, University of Iceland, Chalmers University of Technology, University of Helsinki, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Åbo Akademi University, University of Oslo, Uppsala University, University of Southern Denmark and University of Eastern Finland. Read more on the link:

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