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Tissue Cure Alliance - Turku event 20.11.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you may know, Åbo Akademi University is a member of Tissue Cure Alliance Finland, TCAF. In the coming months, TCAF will host several evening get-togethers, and I would like to invite you to join one of them. The first event will be in Turku on November 20th 2019 at 15-18. The venue will be at Biocity, 2nd floor, Biologi-room, Tykistökatu 6A, Turku.

The main idea of the evenings is for people working in the field to get to know each other and expand their network. At the beginning of the event there will be a short presentation of TCAF and members will give short presentations about their work. Most of the event will be dedicated to informal discussions and free interaction. Drinks and snacks will be served!

I would be very happy to see you at the event so please let me know if the time suits you. You can sign up by sending an email to our coordinator

Best regards,


Tissue Cure Alliance Finland is a non-profit community for Finnish Tissue Regeneration and Wound Care companies and research organisations. The Alliance offers access to specialized knowledge and expertise and enables participants to expand their professional network. Sharing experiences and best practises is at the heart of the Alliance. In addition, the Alliance aims at promoting and marketing the products and solutions provided by its members.

We welcome new members, and starting 2020 TCAF will also have a new form of membership, associate member, which is intended for individuals or small companies.

You can find more information about TCAF on

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