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Most downloaded papers 2017 & news highlight!

With the change of the year also the statistics are in, and with that we've recieved two encouraging news:

From Advanced Healthcare Materials: I am pleased to tell you that your paper entitled "Tailored approaches in drug development and diagnostics - from molecular design to biological model systems" is one of the most downloaded and read publications in Advanced Healthcare Materials over the last month. Therefore, it has been made freely accessible for a limited period of time (link below), and has been highlighted on our news website Advanced Science News ( We think that this is an excellent way to draw attention to your work and attract readers to your article.

From Therapeutic Delivery: 2017 was another exciting year for Therapeutic Delivery with the continued publication of timely, high-quality manuscripts looking better than ever on our new website. We are proud to present some of our content highlights with a list below of our top 10 downloaded articles published in 2017. These articles show the diverse research that is being undertaken in the field as well as some of the key focus areas, including drug delivery in oncology and nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems.

Top Downloaded articles:

How can nano-delivery systems selectively kill cancerous cells? Kyriazi ME, Heuer-Jungemann A, Kanaras AG

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